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We believe in transparent and mutually beneficial relationships that result in long-term partnerships. A partnership with Iqura will provide an opportunity to enhance your business by enabling you to enhance the volume of work you can undertake, enabling you to add new customers by offering an additional service or by enabling you to cross-sell to your existing customers.
Our partners are supported by a strong internal team to ensure that you have all the tools and information necessary to get maximum results from your marketing efforts.
Our partner program is categorized depending on the level of engagement with the partner:
Level 1 - Partner Referral Program
Level 2 - Sales Associate Program
Level 3 - Marketing Partner Program
We are also presently looking for strategic partners to represent us in the European Union and jointly offer solutions in the EU region by leveraging each other’s capabilities. If you are an IT company that wishes to offer enhanced services or diversify its delivery capability, please write to us at partner@iqura.com.

Partner Referral Program

Our partners in this program are usually independent entities (individuals or companies) involved in marketing our products and solutions on a commissioned basis. A technical background in IT, flair for networking and experience in selling software solutions are desirable attributes.

1. If you want to sell software solutions but do not want to design, develop, deliver,
    manage and support them, you can do so as a partner in Iqura’s Partner Referral Program.
2. Receive high commissions.
3. Work according to your own schedule.
4. Excellent learning opportunity.
5. Potential for growth.
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Sales Associate Program

Our Sales Associates are individuals (or companies) who are able to take on higher responsibilities for customer interaction. They are responsible for marketing our products and software solutions either independently or in tie-ups with other companies. A good knowledge of the local market and contacts with several potential customers is required. Usually a Sales Associate may also be the single point of contact locally for the customer and have an ongoing involvement with project progress.

1. Create and deploy software applications on a subscription basis without the associated
    infrastructure investment.
2. Technical support from Iqura at pre-sales stage and after.
3. Reduce customer support costs.
4. Optimize revenue streams.
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Marketing Partner Program

As our partners for this program, Iqura seeks companies who will not only jointly market projects and solutions but also jointly bid for projects which we can execute by sharing our resources and synergizing operations; with a view to minimizing time-to-market and maximizing profits.
If you are an IT services company with a local presence, Iqura can be your ideal offshore delivery arm.
If you are in a related business such as system integration, networking, staffing, managed services or hosting services, Iqura can be the ideal partner for you to up-sell additional software services to your customers
For businesses with industry-specific expertise such as in banking, real estate, publishing and logistics, Iqura’s strong enterprise solutions expertise ensures that you can offer more to your customers and execute more for your customers. As an individual, Iqura offers you a simple and open program to develop your marketing capabilities.

1. Offer additional services to customers.
2. Build additional revenue and demand generation opportunities.
3. Joint co-marketing opportunities.
4. Optimum utilization of resources.
5. Pitch for higher-end projects together that cannot be done individually.
6. Faster time-to-market.

Typical Marketing Partner profiles:

1. Independent Software Vendors
2. Business Process Outsourcing Companies
3. Consulting Companies
4. Technology Service Providers
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