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B2B: Distribution Site

Developed for a US client, Iqura built a complete distribution site ( ideal for large distribution companies that source products from a wide variety of suppliers.

The emphasis of this site is to allow a distributor to make available online, products from various sources through a single channel. The site has been designed so that it automatically retrieves the product catalog, pricing information, etc. directly from suppliers site. It can pick this information up from disparate sources whether in XML, text file, database or other formats and present it as one unified distribution point through the B2B website.

Besides an online RFQ and ordering mechanism, it also allows customized pricing models for different customer types and quantity purchases.

The benefits to a distributor include the ability to provide real-time updates of pricing; product and inventory information to a customer, therefore reducing the distributors’ own stocking requirements, wrongly priced orders, out-of-stock cancellations or delay in making new products available to its customer.

The distributor can also sell retail (B2C) simultaneously through another storefront using the same back-end infrastructure and application. Alternatively, the distributor can license the same backend-system to retailers/resellers to create multiple storefronts for their sales.