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Bot: Content-Aggregation

A rule-based configurable Internet robot application (Bot)that can be used for aggregating content, comparative analysis and content searches.

The Bot can be programmed through a rule-based engine to seek out specific types of information and retrieve/aggregate to a central server. It aggregates data to a database server and has built-in redundancy to handle content updates in target sites. The Bot itself runs uninterrupted as a background application (once programmed) and has a small-footprint.

It is flexible and can aggregate static text, hyperlinks,products, images, etc. On a topical note, it can aggregate stock information, news, newsgroups, comparison shopping information, etc. The only limits are your own imagination and requirements of what you wish it to do.

Developed as a VC++ Socket application, it is database independent and can store aggregated data to any database server including SQL Server, Access or Oracle. Front-end modules for data presentation are also available.

The Bot can be easily enhanced for custom applications such as development of search bots, etc.