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Internet and E-Commerce -- is a California based e-commerce company that provides comprehensive personality and career assessments through the Internet.

A cutting-edge E-commerce site built from the ground-up by Iqura. The site runs on a Windows NT server (co-located and managed by Iqura) with Internet Information Server (IIS) as the web server. A SQL Server 7.0 database keeps track of all the customer information and drives the dynamic website. The web site is multi-tiered with all the business logic contained as COM objects running within Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) and packaged in a Visual Basic DLL.

The site accepts real-time payments through credit card. Validation and E-commerce transactions are routed through a reputed Payment Gateway Provider and all sales reports, etc. have been made available to the client.

Iqura has incubated from the idea stage to multiple rounds of funding to a fully operational e-commerce entity. We worked with the client to translate the idea into a specification, create a design layout that reflected this idea, advised them on the various technology considerations, developed the system through the various stages of prototyping to live systems, presented the client with options for payment gateway providers, advised the client on Web Hosting service providers and requisite hardware, deployed the solution and currently manage the system for them.