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Online Content Management

Content management and content publishing improve the information organization in a company and cut administrative costs. These can then be used to manage remote start-up projects more efficiently. An online content store can store everything from software updates to payroll data in project specific folders available to both on-site personnel and company headquarters.

Companies usually rely on telephone modems to transfer project status reports, software updates and changes to drawings and specifications. While, this has been adequate for test-based reports, the low transfer speed of modems makes it difficult to handle larger data files such as CAD drawings and digital photos.

Using web based technologies, the project personnel will have instant worldwide access to reusable project documentation, CAD drawings, specifications, spare part documentation, standard software modules and revisions, as well as a knowledge base of previous project experience stored in a central web repository.

In addition, links to suppliers’ documentation such as programming manuals and troubleshooting knowledge bases are included as features. On-site personnel write daily reports and take digital photos or videos to document their progress, then quickly upload them to a predefined location without the need to use special HTML software.