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Internet Component: Surf Monitoring Application

The Surfing Monitor is a product developed by Iqura and can be used for a variety of new-age Internet based applications.

Some of the more common uses of the product include usage in corporate networks to monitor employee Internet activity, in homes as a net-nanny, for messaging services, desktop-delivery of real-time information and desktop-based contests.

It is easily customizable and can be licensed for more specific corporate uses also.

The product is developed as a Layered Service Provider (LSP)that sits on the Network Stack of a client machine. It has full “cloak” functionality and remains invisible to the actual user. The Surf Monitor supports multiple platforms viz. Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

All surfing activity is recorded and logged to a remote database server thus reducing chances of tampering with the data logs. The system is easy to install and has a web-based download, installation and registration mechanism. It also has “automatic upgrade” features that allow it to check back to the master server and upgrade itself automatically when new releases are made.

Surfing activity recorded can be customized and includes tracking of specific pages on a site and amount of time spent on that page. The system can track usage at a user-level or a machine-level.

It also has a targeted criteria-based messaging feature that allows messages to be sent to individual/specific users or sets of users which pop-up on their desktop. The message itself is a “rich” window and can contain hyperlinks, text, and images.