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CIOL is India’s largest IT publications company with popular magazines such as PCQuest, DataQuest, Voice & Data, etc. Iqura built the entire online presence for CIOL over a 9-month period as a comprehensive publishing solution comprising of a consistent creative design across the portal and a completely automated Content Management System.

The publishing architecture ensured that CIOL needed absolutely no technical resources to maintain the site. The Content Management System allows Content Editors to directly enter articles, etc to the database. Even content categories and sub-sections, etc. can be automatically created using the Content Management System. In addition, none of the content is presented directly from the database. Instead, the system automatically creates full HTML pages for all new content added, modified, etc. and posts to the web server. This is a seamless and transparent-to-editor process and is completely automated. In addition, the revamp of the portal included migrating all existing content to a more indexable storage system.

The revamped portal was launched in July 2000 and saw traffic jump by over 20% in the first three months of launch.

Iqura developed the specification, technical architecture, design layouts, system development & implementation as well as deployment to CIOL’s co-located server. In addition, Iqura undertook the entire data migration process of all existing content.