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Inspectech Corporation is the leading Home Inspection company in the U.S. west coast and one of the largest in America.

Iqura built as part of the overall IT strategy of Inspectech to move to an e-business operating model. The strategy has involved moving and aligning the company’s business around its website and Iqura has built multiple applications to enable Inspectech to move to an e-business platform.

Information Dissemination, Interactive Services
The first step in this strategy was to provide customers with the ability to learn about the Inspectech’s various services and points of presence. The Inspectech website was created to provide information about thecompany’s services and also generic real estate and home inspection information so as to become a one-stop solution for customers. The entire database of the company’s inspectors was computerized with mapping of the Inspector’s service areas to the US Zip code database. A customer could therefore key-in her zipcode and identify all the inspectors that served that service area.

Subsequently, modules were identified to move the functions of making bookings and scheduling appointments to the website so that a customer could directly request for a home inspection to be conducted at a specific date and time through the inspector of their choice.

Going further, the development strategy is to provide customers with the ability to request for an instant online quote for their home inspection based on data provided by them through the website. A real-time booking and scheduling will also be created around the website.

The Inspectech website runs on Windows NT Server with IIS and is driven by a SQL Server 6.5 database.