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Why Notes?

Lotus Domino - Addressing key customer requirements -- return on investment; total cost of ownership

Here are ten compelling ways in which IBM Lotus Domino software can help organizations address three key business issues:

  • Maximizing the value of your IT investments, given lack of resources and minimal budgets.

  • Benefiting from improved performance, scalability, reliability, availability and security features.

  • Increasing return on investments in applications and employees (your human resources).

1. Opportunity to support more users with fewer server and network resources

  • Lotus Domino scalability enhancements, a primary design point of Version 7, offer the potential for server consolidation.

  • Network compression and streaming replication capabilities of Lotus Domino software can help reduce the amount of data transmitted over your network.

2. Potentially reduce time and costs for software deployment and configuration

  • Powerful tools provided with Lotus Domino software are designed to help you monitor server health, identify and address issues before they can cause harm, analyze server usage and predict future hardware and software needs.

  • Policy-based administration allows you to easily set standards and enforce IT policies across your company.

  • The Lotus Notes Smart Upgrade feature enables installation and configuration of users' machines without visiting a single desktop.

3. Leverage integrated capabilities

  • In addition to e-mail, calendar, group scheduling and personal information management tools, Lotus Domino server software offers team discussion, reference library, and blog application templates. Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino Web Access client options offer allow access to all of the above plus instant messaging and (optional) Web conferencing integration.

  • Lotus Notes and Domino software provides companies with an effective way to manage conference rooms and meeting resources, such as audiovisual equipment, online meetings and more, with a centralized database.

  • With Lotus Domino 7.0.2, you can make information in a Lotus Domino database accessible through Really Simple Syndication (RSS) services.

4. Preserve existing investments while moving forward with a solid roadmap

  • Through a steady evolution, Lotus Notes and Domino software continues to provide cumulative business value without disruptive migration. IBM backs this claim with a sixteen-year proven history of investment protection, high return on investment and seamless upgrades.

  • Lotus Notes and Domino 7 supports a wide range of programmability options and open standards, enabling you to leverage the skills of your development teams, extend the value of your existing applications and facilitate the development and deployment of new solutions.

  • A clear and solid roadmap indicates that Lotus Domino-based applications can be easily adapted for future user experience and innovative interaction models including Lotus Notes 8, previously code-named "Hannover".

5. Provide infrastructure flexibility

  • Lotus Domino supports a wide range of server operating system platforms - IBM AIX, IBM i5/OS, IBM z/OS, Linux (for Intel and System z) and Sun Solaris, as well as Microsoft Windows. Many of these operating system platforms are 64-bit.

  • You can choose the client access that is right for your infrastructure environment and needs. In addition to the Lotus Notes client, you can use a Web browser client, an Internet client or a supported mobile device. And you can even opt to use Microsoft, Linux or Macintosh workstations.

  • Lotus Domino lets you leverage your current directory infrastructure through support for Active Directory and LDAP. Lotus Domino 7 also offers an option to use IBM DB2 Universal Database software as a data store to consolidate Lotus Domino enterprise data.

6. Take advantage of ongoing performance enhancements

  • Lotus Domino 7 server performance enhancements support dramatic scalability increases for Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino Web Access users. Benchmarks supporting this claim were performed using NotesBench R6 Mail and R6iNotes workloads.

  • With client performance enhancements in Lotus Domino Web Access 6.5.4 and 7, users have reported improved response times of up to 40 percent.

  • Performance enhancements in Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook, introduced in 6.5.4, can significantly reduce application launch time.

7. Provide high availability for your information and your environment

  • Lotus Domino provides many capabilities to help maximize the availability of your mission-critical information and help reduce downtime, including proactive monitoring tools, transaction logging and server fault recovery.

  • Advanced clustering technology provides failover for data as well as processor resources.

8. Protect your information

  • Security-rich functionality is the foundation of Lotus Notes and Domino. Advanced and proven security features include multi-level access control from the server all the way down to a field on a form, server and local file encryption, digital signatures, support for Internet security standards and more.

  • Powerful anti-spam features can help you manage mass volumes of unwanted mail.

9. Extend your applications to serve the needs of an innovative business

  • Lotus Domino-based collaborative applications can contribute to high return on investment. Many case studies give testimony to the business value of applications developed in-house with Lotus Domino Designer software, custom-designed by IBM Business Partners, or available from independent software vendors.

  • Lotus Notes and Domino 7 and IBM WebSphere Portal offer tools to help extend the reach of Lotus Domino applications to business portals.

  • IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator software enables you to extend Lotus Domino applications with real-time access to data sources such as IBM DB2 Universal Database, Oracle, Sybase and more -- with point-and-click ease. Or schedule high performance, scalable exchange of data between Lotus Domino and external systems.

10. Enable users to be more productive

  • Lotus Notes and Domino 7 software includes many features and enhancements designed to help you focus on top-priority work, locate information easily and efficiently, collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers -- and do more with less to help reduce total cost of ownership.

  • The Lotus Notes client now offers out-of-the-box SAP software integration, blog capabilities, enhanced calendar interoperability and the ability to take your Lotus Notes desktop with you on a USB device.

(Source: IBM Website)