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Recently, Iqura has launched the HIPAA initiative to address the immediate needs of the US healthcare sector to meet the HIPAA challenge. Iqura has developed it’s skill set to addressing HIPAA needs and works to produce HIPAA compliant IT solutions.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (Public Law 104-191), also known as HIPAA, was enacted as part of a broad Congressional attempt at incremental healthcare reform. The HIPAA transactions and code sets regulations are final and will become enforceable October 2002. Final privacy regulations have been published, with an enforcement date of April 2003. This complex mix of federal and state law and regulation creates a maze through which healthcare organizations must navigate. Compliance will be not only complex, but also extremely costly as healthcare moves to electronic data interchange and the Internet.

Iqura understands the implications of HIPAA to an IT organization and the client’s need for a dependable partner in the task of getting the data ready for HIPAA. Iqura's strengths in providing HIPAA services include:

The system follows the 3-tiered client/server architecture. The database used is Microsoft SQL Server. The business logic is encapsulated in a Remote Automation Server written in Visual Basic. User Interfaces have also been developed in Visual Basic.

1. Proven track record for success in the healthcare industry

2. Unique methodology and utilities proven to cut cost

3. Unique data centric approach which enables us to perform a gap analysis expeditiously

4. Extensive knowledge and experience in the major healthcare applications

5. Long standing specialty teams in skills now required for HIPAA:

    a. Healthcare data analysis
    b. EDI - all services from architecture to translator expertise
    c. System interface development
    d. System integration
    e. Project Management